Dedicated Pennsylvania Trucking

Take advantage of Veltri’s top-notch Pennsylvania trucking services to transport your goods and products efficiently.

Leading Pennsylvania Trucking Company

Choosing to hire a dedicated regional trucking company to handle your company’s trucking operations to can save you money, time, and peace of mind—taking the hard work of shipping and hauling off of your hands so that you can focus on what you do best.

Dedicated trucking is what Veltri Inc. does best, and Pennsylvania has been part of our DNA for decades.

Headquartered in Levittown, PA, Veltri has dedicated trucking routes across the state. With over 35 years of Pennsylvania trucking and hauling experience, Veltri is right for your regional and local trucking needs.

Our New Jersey customers choose Veltri not just because we’re neighbors; they know that our superior service and reliable drivers will result in happy customers and increased business.

Proven Pennsylvania Trucking Benefits You Can Count On

Our customers choose Veltri for Pennsylvania regional and local trucking not just because we’re neighbors—they know we offer superior trucking services, including:

  • Dedicated regional and local trucking in Pennsylvania

  • Private fleet

  • Shuttle and spotting services

  • Distribution Center-to-Store deliveries

  • Just-in-time production support

Superior Service

We’ve provided premium regional trucking services to the Pennsylvania area for over three decades.

Our drivers meet strict criteria for experience, including a close familiarity with Pennsylvania roads and traffic. We take great pride in the excellence of our trucking services

On-Time Delivery

Every trucking company says they can get your cargo from point A to point B on time. When we say it, we mean it.

Every facet of our business, from our drivers to our dispatch operators to our management team, is optimized toward getting the job done right and on-schedule.

High Industry Standards

We take pride in meeting and exceeding the standards for our industry.

Veltri’s security and safety team meets regularly to ensure that all of our processes are on the cutting edge of ensuring freight security and the safety of your precious cargo.

Competitive Pricing

Veltri is not a national company. We’re a local, dedicated, family-owned business. We don’t have high overhead costs or expensive marketing.

And because we don’t have those things, you know that your dollars are going toward our superior service.

Our trucking customers are guaranteed to get the best service and dedicated trucking rates in Pennsylvania. Submit a request for proposal or call us today at 215-946-6400 if your business is interested in dedicated trucking services.


“We awarded Veltri our Eagle Spirit award in recognition of exemplary service provided over the years. The professionals at Veltri consistently demonstrate the quality, dedication, leadership and spirit embodied by the image of the American Eagle, the namesake for this award.”

–J. Dwight Young, U.S. Post Office Manager

“Veltri Transportation can handle multiple complex transactions in the trailer leasing business. Tony Veltri thinks outside the box, and I truly valued his ability to operate both strategically and tactically. On a personal level, Tony Veltri is made of the highest ethical fiber I know and has a deep understanding of business ‘rhythms.’ Tony Veltri is an excellent business partner and someone who you can trust to get the job done right the first time.”

–Jim Legris, Former Regional Manager, XTRA Lease

“The management team at Veltri, Inc. is consistently dedicated to achieving the standards of safety that are recognized as excellent in the insurance industry, and their safety record for over the road vehicles is well above the national average.”

–Tony Reda, Senior Vice President, The Rodgers Insurance Group

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