How Veltri Regional Trucking Delivers Results

Veltri delivers results when it comes to dedicated Pennsylvania trucking, New Jersey trucking, and Delaware trucking. Get a quote today.

Veltri is one of the best regional trucking companies delivering results in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. As a business grows and the demand for its products and services increase, the amount of time and energy involved for the business owner, manager, or operator also increases. When it comes to delivery and hauling services, let Veltri Inc. do the heavy lifting. For nearly forty years, companies have outsourced their regional trucking operations to Veltri Inc. If you seek reliable, dedicated and proven resources for your trucking needs; Veltri delivers results.

Not only will outsourcing Veltri’s regional trucking services allow you more time to focus on other aspects of your business, it will give you the peace of mind knowing that Veltri Inc. is sincerely dedicated to serving your needs.

Veltri regional trucking services are:

Cost Effective – By outsourcing your regional trucking services you eliminate overhead. Reduce your costs in payroll taxes, insurance, and the purchase or maintenance of vehicles and equipment.

Efficient – Veltri’s experienced drivers understand that arriving on time is an NOT option – it is a promise. By using Veltri as your regional trucking resource your business will have access to our twenty-four hour dispatch and our GPP equipped vehicles.

Qualified – In addition to meeting strict criteria in terms of driving experience, driving records and extensive background checks, our drivers are familiar with the Northeast region and traffic patterns. The average Veltri driver has been with the company for six years.

Veltri Inc. regional trucking serving Southeastern Pennsylvania, Central and South Jersey and Delaware. metro and rural areas.