How Veltri Regional Trucking Delivers Results

Veltri is one of the best regional trucking companies in the mid-Atlantic, delivering results in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Learn how Veltri has delivered impeccable regional trucking services for nearly 50 years.

Committed to Quality Trucking Service

As your business grows and the demand for your products and services increase, the amount of time and energy involved in shipping and managing your supply chain also increase.

Outsourcing trucking to a dedicated fleet takes the logistics of shipping and hauling, including vehicle maintenance, off of your plate and frees your business up to devote more time and energy to what you do best… so long as you choose the right trucking partner.

Deciding on a trucking partner to outsource shipping to can have enormous positive or negative effects on your business and peace of mind. Read on to learn more about how Veltri delivers results tailor-made for your business and its continued success.

Providing Beneficial Trucking Services You Can Depend On

When it comes to delivery and hauling services, let us do the heavy lifting. For nearly forty years, companies have outsourced their regional trucking operations to Veltri Inc. If you seek reliable, dedicated and proven resources for your trucking needs; Veltri delivers results.

Not only will outsourcing Veltri’s regional trucking services allow you more time to focus on other aspects of your business, it will give you the peace of mind knowing that Veltri Inc. is sincerely dedicated to serving your needs.

Veltri regional trucking services are:

Red White and Blue Parked private fleet Trucks Lined up at a Truck Stop


By outsourcing your regional trucking services, you eliminate overhead.

Reduce your costs in payroll taxes, insurance, and the purchase or maintenance of vehicles and equipment.

Because we’re a small, family-owned business and not a national company, more of your money goes toward our superior services—not to bloated advertising and marketing departments or shareholder dividends.

Blue and white semi truck driving down a county road to demonstrate the use of automatic semi truck


Veltri’s experienced drivers understand that arriving on time is an NOT option – it is a promise.

By using Veltri as your regional trucking resource your business will have access to our twenty-four hour dispatch and our GPP equipped vehicles.

Our dispatch operators and streamlined management mean we are always accessible to customers when necessary and can react nimbly to whatever trucking challenges arise.


In addition to meeting strict criteria in terms of driving experience, driving records and extensive background checks, our drivers are familiar with the mid-Atlantic region and traffic patterns.

The average Veltri driver has been with the company for six years. Our safe, experienced, knowledgeable drivers are accustomed to navigating the Northeast and meeting time-sensitive goals such as airplane schedules and JIT production models.

We manage every aspect of our customers’ hauling and trucking needs—including local trucking (within a 150-mile radius) and regionally (within a 250-mile radius). We’ve been a preferred dedicated trucking partner for the US Postal Service in the mid-Atlantic for many years. From management to maintenance to the safety of your cargo, we take care of it all.

Veltri trucking services combine all the benefits of having your own private trucking fleet with all the benefits of having a dedicated trucking partner.

Regional and Local Trucking Services By Location

From our central hub in Levittown, PA, we provide regional and local trucking services to companies throughout the mid-Atlantic, including metro and rural areas in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

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“We awarded Veltri our Eagle Spirit award in recognition of exemplary service provided over the years. The professionals at Veltri consistently demonstrate the quality, dedication, leadership and spirit embodied by the image of the American Eagle, the namesake for this award.”

–J. Dwight Young, U.S. Post Office Manager

“Veltri Transportation can handle multiple complex transactions in the trailer leasing business. Tony Veltri thinks outside the box, and I truly valued his ability to operate both strategically and tactically. On a personal level, Tony Veltri is made of the highest ethical fiber I know and has a deep understanding of business ‘rhythms.’ Tony Veltri is an excellent business partner and someone who you can trust to get the job done right the first time.”

–Jim Legris, Former Regional Manager, XTRA Lease

“The management team at Veltri, Inc. is consistently dedicated to achieving the standards of safety that are recognized as excellent in the insurance industry, and their safety record for over the road vehicles is well above the national average.”

–Tony Reda, Senior Vice President, The Rodgers Insurance Group

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