Delaware Trucking

With more than 35 years of dedicated trucking experience, Veltri is the right choice for your Delaware trucking needs.

Veltri will work hard to ensure that, no matter what route your trucking services requires, your load will arrive at its destination in top condition, at a specific and agreed upon time that works for you. Veltri can guarantee this premium level of service because we care about customer satisfaction and pride ourselves on having the best track record in the region for trucking services.

Along with our quality service, on-time delivery, and careful handling of your load, Veltri offers competitive pricing for trucking services. We are not a national company with high overhead costs and expensive marketing; we are a dedicated, family-owned business that ensures the lowest prices for trucking in Delaware.

Find out for yourself by submitting a Request for Proposal or call us today at 215-946-6400 and let us demonstrate why Veltri is the leader in regional trucking.