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Veltri Inc. is a highly trusted industry leader in delivering regional trucking services throughout the mid-Atlantic.

Choosing the right dedicated regional trucking services company allows you to outsource shipping and hauling logistics, fleet maintenance, and a host of other responsibilities associated with shipping your goods and products. Ideally, making this choice frees up your business to devote more time and energy to what you do best.

But there are a lot of regional trucking service providers to choose from. Pick one that doesn’t work for you, and you might find you haven’t reduced your headaches at all—late shipments, poor visibility into shipment tracking, unresponsive or lackluster customer service, or just a fleet that doesn’t meet your specific needs.

Choosing the right regional trucking services can be a difficult decision. That’s why Veltri is here to make it an easier one for you to make.

With nearly 50 years in the regional trucking industry and over 35 years of experience trucking and hauling in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey, we possess the resources and expertise to ensure your goods are transported properly and on-time.

Are you looking for a dedicated regional trucking services company that:

Works hard to ensure that your load will arrive at its destination in perfect condition, at a specific and agreed upon time?

Cares about customer satisfaction because its’ employees and management work and live in the surrounding community?

Is led by an owner who is personally aware of your shipping needs and is always accessible?

If so, look no further than Veltri.

Delivering Impeccable Trucking Services

We take great pride in our work and in providing the best trucking services for our customers, including:

Regional/Local Trucking

We will transport full truckloads locally (within a 150-mile radius), or regionally (within a 250-mile radius).

Our experienced, knowledgeable drivers are all selected based on their knowledge of the roads in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware and their ability to deliver under time sensitive conditions.

Dedicated Trucking

Whether you need a one-time delivery or scheduled, on-going service, your load will not be combined with the loads of other clients, so its transport will not be interrupted by other stops along the way.

Our dedicated trucking services provide all the benefits of your own private fleet with all the benefits of outsourced hauling.

Competitive Pricing

We’re not a national trucking company, but rather a local, dedicated, family-owned business.

Because Veltri is not a national company paying overhead costs related to marketing or advertising, nor is it paying dividends to shareholders, we can pass those savings along to our customers to deliver superior service at a lower cost.

In-House Maintenance

Our mechanics provide regular maintenance on Veltri’s fleet. In addition, the mechanics receive ongoing training and maintain constant communication with our management.

Our high standards for maintenance and cargo protection ensure that every ride is a smooth one for your products.

Veltri effectively manages all aspects of hauling.

From our experienced drivers and 24-hour dispatch to our safety standards, you can be sure that your load will be delivered in a safe, secure and timely manner.

Regional and Local Trucking Services By Location

From our central hub in Levittown, PA, we provide regional and local trucking services to companies throughout the mid-Atlantic, including metro and rural areas in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

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“We awarded Veltri our Eagle Spirit award in recognition of exemplary service provided over the years. The professionals at Veltri consistently demonstrate the quality, dedication, leadership and spirit embodied by the image of the American Eagle, the namesake for this award.”

–J. Dwight Young, U.S. Post Office Manager

“Veltri Transportation can handle multiple complex transactions in the trailer leasing business. Tony Veltri thinks outside the box, and I truly valued his ability to operate both strategically and tactically. On a personal level, Tony Veltri is made of the highest ethical fiber I know and has a deep understanding of business ‘rhythms.’ Tony Veltri is an excellent business partner and someone who you can trust to get the job done right the first time.”

–Jim Legris, Former Regional Manager, XTRA Lease

“The management team at Veltri, Inc. is consistently dedicated to achieving the standards of safety that are recognized as excellent in the insurance industry, and their safety record for over the road vehicles is well above the national average.”

–Tony Reda, Senior Vice President, The Rodgers Insurance Group

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