Prices Down After Recent Increase

The May gas price increase recently seen may be turning back on itself. According to the latest Fuel Gauge Report by AAA, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded at $3.63 as of May 28 is down 3 cents from May 22. Following 17 days of increases, the average price dipped 6 days in a row (May 22 – 28). The recent price increases were due to low supplies and refinery maintenance.

Affecting dedicated trucking companies in the Midwest, prices have started to fall in that region as well. After enduring increases of 50 cents per gallon or more in some states, the prices are settling down with some states such as Minnesota seeing price drops as much as 24 cents.

Again, Hawaii, California, and Alaska are among the top 10 states listed with the highest gas prices.  As an active member in the Pennsylvania dedicated trucking industry, we’ll be watching the gas price trends closely.

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