Increased Traffic Might Mean a Strong Economy

As a Pennsylvania regional trucking company, we’re used to traffic. However, it looks like traffic congestion is on the rise–and it’s not necessarily a bad thing!

Traffic has increased 9.4% since last year
Traffic has increased 9.4% since last year

According to a recent Gridlock Index by the traffic information provider Inrix, overall levels of U.S. traffic have risen by 9.4% when compared to April of last year. Part of this is the trend that an average trip for drivers in the 100 most populated metro areas took about 7% longer due to rising traffic congestion, a side-effect of better economic times.

There have been mixed performances depending on the nation’s regions, however. A year-over-year decline of traffic in metro areas such as Oklahoma City, Louisville, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge has been consistent with the emerging pattern in the South.  Other regions have fared well: traffic in northeastern metro areas has risen by 10% while western metro areas saw a 13% increase. The Midwest showed the greatest, most consistent regional growth of 14% year-over-year. These mixed performances are dependent on recent economic events such as U.S. house prices, sale activity, and lower manufacturing and hiring activity due to uncertainties over healthcare and fiscal policies.

Some economist predict that the U.S. economic growth will slow in the current quarter due to some indicators about the economy, but traffic congestion is one of the factors against this. Operating as a PA regional trucking company that reaches surrounding states and areas, we at Veltri Inc. are very aware of the trends and policies that affect the United States. And we’ll gladly take rising traffic congestion as an indicator of economic strength–because sometimes even traffic can be good news.

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