Your Guide to Local Transportation Companies

Aerial view of semi trucks on a highway to demonstrate local transportation companiesLocal transportation companies respond to the need for cargo to be moved as quickly as possible. They include trucking companies, which are vital to the transportation business. Different companies specialize in various freight services, resulting in a network of shipping firms.

Trucks use roads to transport cargo throughout the country and deliver it to various customers. You can use trucks to transport small or large shipments and those requiring special handling. Truck transportation can be quite cost-effective, especially if operating in rural and metro areas.

Local trucking companies tend to serve a specific route within a region. Veltri Inc. specializes in regional trucking in the northeast, US. This includes Delaware, southeastern Pennsylvania, and central and southern New Jersey.

Types of Trucking Companies

Not all trucking companies are the same. There are different ‌trucking companies with variations in their mode of operation. They include:

1. For Hire Truckload Carriers

For hire, truckload carriers are trucking companies that make money by transporting freight for other businesses. They sell the capacity of their fleet to other firms needing logistical support and management.

For hire truckload carriers are typically subcontracted to other companies in need. Since these companies do not make or transport their own products, they predicate their business plan on other firms’ freight requests.

2. Private Fleets

There are businesses that not only manufacture goods, but also manage their supply chain and distribution. Private fleets comprise companies that provide trucks, drivers, and trailers, as well as the actual cargo being transported.

3. Less Than Truckload Carriers

They handle LTL freight (less than truckload freight). A less than truckload business will often use doubles or 53′ trailers to transport smaller items that have to be delivered to homes or businesses across the United States.

LTL firms will plan product delivery to customer homes or have customers collect the shipment at their neighborhood distribution center facility.

4. Inter-modal

Rail freight shipping can be considerably more cost-effective for many businesses. The challenge with shipping freight by rail is that cargo still needs to be transported to the train depot with a truck, then transported by rail for the bulk of the journey. Once the cargo arrives at the intended destination, it’s then picked up by a driver and a truck to be delivered to customers.

5. Household Movers

These are household moving businesses. The bulk of work that household movers receive comes from single clients who need to shift their belongings and therefore contract the services of a household mover.

Dedicated Trucking Services

Dedicated trucking involves companies that run a single-routes for every single customer. Dedicated drivers learn the routes, timetables, and individuals at defined destinations by carrying the same shipments on a similar freight corridor.

Dedicated trucking has ‌different names, including:

  • Primary freight
  • Contract freight
  • Dedicated freight

Veltri Inc.’s dedicated trucking services allow you to concentrate on your principal business rather than the risks associated with operating your own fleet.

Companies Needing Trucking Services

  • Firms in Need of Freight Management 

Good trucking businesses do more than get your goods from one location to another. Logistics management necessitates planning and organization. Learning the intricacies of cargo management is too much for many companies to handle alone. Instead of being intimidated by the volume of work for planning and performing logistics management, businesses will outsource product transportation logistics to trucking companies. Packaging, palletizing, document management, and crating are all examples of this.

  • Shippers of Hazardous Materials 

Businesses carrying explosives, corrosives, flammables, or any other type of dangerous items may rest assured that a reputable trucking firm has the experience and expertise to properly deliver the freight.

  • Companies Requiring the Transportation of Goods 

Companies that have to transport anything require trucking services. To function effectively, businesses such as retail outlets, product manufacturers, distribution centers, grocery stores, and others rely on transportation services.

  • Companies That Ship Internationally 

Transporting freight across towns is tough enough. International transportation is a whole new ball game muddled with bureaucracy and endless requirements that is only best left to international shipping companies to handle.

What Do Trucking Companies Do?

Trucking companies:

  • Provide local and regional trucking services: Ship full truckloads regionally (inside a 250-mi radius) or locally (inside a 150-mi radius).
  • Offer dedicated trucking services: If you need regular services or delivery for a single time, your cargo will not couple with other customers’ goods, and its transportation won’t be disrupted by stops on the road.
  • Haulage management: Dispatch teams and experienced drivers following safety standards ensure that cargo is delivered safely, securely, and on schedule.

Veltri Inc. Is Your Local Partner in Transportation

Contact us today to learn more about local transportation companies, types of trucking companies, dedicated trucking services, and companies that need trucking services.

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