Why Shippers are Turning to Dedicated Trucking Delivery

Why Shippers are Turning to Dedicated Trucking DeliveryThere are significant benefits for shippers that turn to dedicated trucking delivery, especially during the current pandemic. Here are five key reasons to consider dedicated truck delivery services.

#1. Stable Pricing

When you choose dedicated trucking delivery, you are more likely to see consistent pricing and lower transportation costs, due to the predictability of the shipment and the routes the freight will travel.

Many shippers have been hit with higher rates for transportation, due to the lack of available trucking capacity.

Shippers with dedicated trucking delivery can more easily negotiate fuel surcharges and carrier arrangements that lock in rates and capacity for shippers, regardless of freight market ups and downs.

#2. Predictable Delivery Times

Dedicated trucking delivery allows for a steady flow of inbound and outbound shipments.

With dedicated trucking delivery comes better shipment planning, timely pickups, and consistent on-time deliveries.

#3. Optimization of Your Supply Chain

When using a dedicated trucking delivery, no other freight is loaded on the truck, meaning the driver doesn’t have to drop off other shipments on the way to your destination.

Dedicated trucking delivery helps free up warehouse space as shippers can stage loads to customers or other locations. This makes for a more efficient supply chain.

#4. Temperature Controlled Deliveries

With dedicated trucking delivery the temperature of the shipping container influences the transport of food commodities such as produce, fruit, meat, seafood, chicken, eggs and dairy. It can also be used to ship temperature sensitive goods such as medication.

Regulated temperatures are a key piece in dedicated trucking delivery, and help maintain quality. If a shipment pickup time or delivery schedule is late, freshness is lost. Dedicated trucking delivery helps reduce these mishaps and provides the freshest shipment possible.

Suggested temperatures for transporting refrigerated goods vary, but the details of the temperature can be required for dedicated truck delivery, and drivers can adjust as needed.

#5. Guaranteed Drivers

A dedicated route is an assigned route for a truck driver. While drivers can be assigned several routes, a dedicated truck driver is assigned and committed to only a few routes. This allows you to send and receive high volumes of shipments.

Dedicated trucking delivery guarantees a predetermined number of trucks and sets a roster of drivers that are exclusive to the shipper. Dedicated truck drivers tend to be happier in their jobs because the pay is steady and they get to return home each day. This means less driver and delivery shortages and less delivery delays.

If you need guaranteed capacity or to provide consistent delivery service to your end customers, dedicated transportation delivers the level of control you need. You will not need to worry about timing your truckload.

Learn how Veltri dedicated trucking delivery services can provide you a cost-effective value-added solution for your business. Contact us here today.

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