What to Look for in a Local Trucking Job

what to look for in a local trucking jobWith a local trucking job, you operate within a smaller, designated region. You’re out driving for a set period of time, and home for a set number of days, depending on the trucking company you work for.

Benefits of local trucking jobs

Local truck driving jobs may take you to other states in your area, but you don’t have to take long hauls that keep you away from home for long periods of time, which is a benefit if you have a family at home. Local trucking jobs allow for a more consistent schedule.

With local trucking, you’re able to develop a closer relationship with the people you deliver to since you’ll deliver to the same places. You’ll learn your routes, so you know when and where to avoid delays in traffic and/or delivery delays to your customer drop off points.

What to look for in a local trucking job?

There are things to consider when looking for a local trucking job. A strong compensation package is certainly a bonus, as are other benefits such as health insurance, paid time off and retirement packages.

The company culture is another factor to consider. What are the company values? Is the management accessible and receptive if you have concerns? Is employee feedback encouraged and valued?

Best local trucking companies to work for

Veltri, Inc. is one of the best local trucking companies serving Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Since we are local, all of our truck drivers spend their downtime at home.

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We are family-owned and operated for two generations, providing high-quality service and cost-effective local trucking services.

We believe in open door face-to-face communication with our drivers and are proud of our driver retention. Most of our drivers have been with us for at least six years.

At Veltri, our reputation allows us to only hire the best truck drivers, who receive a competitive compensation and benefits package with a generous 401K and quality health care plans.

Want to drive for one of the best local trucking companies? Apply here today.

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