What Does the Future Hold? HOURS ACT & Possible Changes for the Trucking Industry

As a regional and local trucking service company, Veltri drivers have the luxury of shorter drives and spending their downtime at home. With changes in the industry increasing rapidly as technology advances and innovative ideas develop, Veltri management and drivers still have a responsibility, as does every other company in the industry, to stay aware and compliant with all laws passed. We must also stay aware of the possible bills that are being put forward that effect our industry and our drivers, who are the ones that move this business forward. For example, the Honest Operators Undertake Road Safety Act, or Hours Act, was introduced last month in the U.S. House and if passed would directly affect national as well as local and regional drivers such as ours. The American Trucking Association has said this bill will, “provide common sense HOS relief and flexibility for professional truck drivers wile enhancing highway safety and supply chain efficiency.”

While more information is available on national changes in the full article, the two main variations that would directly affect local and regional truck drivers would be:

  • “Reducing the current supporting documents burden for drivers to only verify the start and end time of a driver’s daily on-duty period.”
  • “Harmonizing the HOS rules for short-haul truck drivers by providing one single set of rules: exempting drivers from ELD requirements if they operate exclusively within 150 air-miles of their reporting location and complete their workday in 14 hours, ending the current two-tiered system.”

Simplifying required documentation and condensing rules into a single tier system would help eliminate confusion and decrease workload for local and regional drivers, saving everyone time, effort and money. What remains most important however, regardless of possible future laws, are the safety of drivers as well as the efficiency and exemplary customer service of trucking companies. Following the letter of laws that have already been passed is extremely important as customers will not tolerate poor service from HOS failures. Proper knowledge and compliancy from management down to each individual truck and driver ensures customer satisfaction, driver retention, and a reputation that is dependable across any kind of service area.

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Source: https://www.thetrucker.com/trucking-news/the-nation/bill-introduced-to-provide-narrow-relief-from-hos-rules

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