Veltri Selected as 2016 Philadelphia Family Business Honoree

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Veltri, Inc. is proud to announce it has been selected by SmartCEO as its 2016 Philadelphia Family Business Honoree. SmartCEO celebrates entrepreneurship, as well as the achievements of independently-owned businesses in the region. Awards recognition is part of the way SmartCEO lives up to its mission statement. Being recognized with an award from this organization is a great honor, as SmartCEO only selects the best.

Veltri, Inc. is a trucking company based in Levittown, Pennsylvania. Established in 1973, it is a medium-sized family-owned business that is now in its second generation of family ownership. The current president of the company is Tony Veltri.

Veltri still operates the company on the principles upon which it was founded. These values are simple, but effective, and have worked over the decades to put the company in the successful place it is now. The principles the company operates on are: showing up, being on time, communicating well, practicing safety, and going above and beyond for the company, co-workers, and customers. With such simple values that all employees are expected to adhere to, this local trucking company has been able to thrive in both good and bad economic times, and is as strong or stronger today than when it was founded. Veltri, Inc. is a company that is going places, both literally and figuratively.

Tony Veltri is looking forward to the third generation of Veltri kids joining the company. They aren’t old enough to yet, but all of them are welcome at the family business. However, Tony does not believe in playing favorites, even to the future owners of the company. When his children, nieces, and nephews are ready to come on board, if they decide to, they will be required to gain experience with another company in the industry prior to being hired, and will be given an entry-level position when they are hired at Veltri, Inc. It is though this method of working their way up that the next generation of Veltris will learn all aspects of the family business, and be able to be good business owners. It is important to Tony that the next generation maintains the good reputation the company now enjoys, and he will teach them the best ways to do this.

It is not only the focus on family that makes Veltri, Inc. a special place to work. Every employee, related or not, is treated with value. They all know they are important pieces in the Veltri, Inc. puzzle, and all have important roles to play. Veltri, Inc. fosters this close, familial environment with all employees by encouraging them to ask for help when needed, and to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and ideas freely to management, knowing they will be listened to and taken seriously. Every Veltri, Inc. employee is treated with respect.

This respect extends to Veltri, Inc’s customers, as well. As Tony Veltri himself said, one of the company’s goals is to “treat my customers with the dignity and respect that I always saw as a young man working with my father.”

With values like these, it is easy to see why Veltri, Inc. was honored with its recent award. The people of the Philadelphia area love Veltri, Inc., and the company loves them.

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