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CDL truck driving is a job that demands long hours away from home, so why do people choose driving as their career?

The Trucking Lifestyle

Everyone has their own unique reason for trucking, but most believe that truck driving is not a job, it’s a lifestyle.

Being in control of a large vehicle can be exciting for some, and life as a truck driver can be both challenging and relaxing. What a better way to earn a living than by traveling the roads.

A truck driving job pays them to travel and get away from the daily grind at home. Drivers often state that they have more time to think and reflect on things in their lives when they are on the job than when they are home with lots of distractions around them. Veltri drivers serve the metro and rural areas of Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware so they get to spend their down time at their homes while still having the opportunity to travel in their region.

Truck drivers typically transport all sorts of cargo across cities and states, completing one part of the always active supply chain. The trucking industry offers long-term careers to many who begin by taking CDL training and driving a truck. The transportation industry keeps this country moving, and without truckers to transport all of the goods we purchase, life would come to a screeching halt. Production rates have spiked in recent years, which puts companies and distributors in great need of people who can transport their goods. Professional truck drivers are in high demand and production doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

A job as a commercial truck driver can be a very stable career as the demand for drivers continues to grow. Truck driving jobs can’t be outsourced, and that’s great news for anyone looking to get into a career with job security! The average Veltri driver has been with us for at least 6 years.

The Trucking Family

Commercial truck drivers often say one of their favorite parts of the job is the bond they develop with other drivers. The job of a truck driver is important and one of the most underestimated professions in America, but drivers often understand the importance of what they do and support each other in different ways.

Veltri drivers are seasoned and undergo an extensive interview process. Veltri’s reputation enables us to choose the best drivers while our fair treatment and respect for our employees enables us to retain our valuable drivers. Veltri Inc. drivers are important to us and our success, and we recognize this.

Dwight Young, U.S. Post Office Manager stated that “The professionals at Veltri consistently demonstrate quality, dedication, leadership and spirit…” embodied by the image of the American Eagle award.

At Veltri, our business is NJ trucking, PA trucking, and DE trucking. Our focus is on client satisfaction and our drivers are a key component in making that happen.

For those who hear the call of the open road, Veltri, Inc. has become a premier employer.

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