Top Priorities In Trucking: Recruitment and Retainment

When we hire Northeastern truck drivers here at Veltri Trucking, our goal is to choose the best drivers for the job. After all, driver recruitment takes a lot of time and money for our recruiters, and we want to make the best investments in driver selection. This is why we are focused on driver retainment. By retaining our fleet of drivers we help our company move ahead with a strong driver community. Learn more about some of the ways we strive to retain our fleet of truck drivers.

Costs of Driver Turnover

Trucking companies around the nation are struggling with driver turnover. Companies are dealing with a lack of quality truck drivers looking for jobs. Part of this is because of the high rate of truck driver retirement. Another reason why driver turnover is so rampant is due to carrier competition.
In order to attract and retain the best truck drivers, companies like us are offering top pay and attractive benefits packages. If you are looking for a trucking job, now is the prime time to start working for a company like Veltri that gives you the pay and benefits you deserve.

Steady Hauls

At Veltri Trucking we provide consistent freight hauling services throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. By offering an array of haul types including full truckloads and dedicated freight, we ensure our fleet of drivers have plenty to keep them busy.

Not having steady hauls is one of the biggest reasons why truck drivers leave other carriers. They simply cannot get the miles they need to make a steady income. By providing our drivers with reliable routes and freight loads, they can rest assured they will meet their financial goals. We also provide both local and regional trucking services, which helps our drivers choose the best type of trucking jobs for their needs.

Top Driver Pay and Benefits

This priority is pretty simple. After all, truck drivers are looking for jobs where they can make the most money. This breaks down as base pay, along with truck driver benefits and compensation. We offer our drivers a comprehensive benefits package that includes a 401k retirement plan option and full health care coverage with dental. In addition, we give our drivers paid holidays and paid vacation time of up to three weeks annually.

When drivers are getting the compensation they deserve for their hard work, they are far more likely to stick around for the long haul. That is what our driver retention is all aboutā€”providing drivers with plenty of reasons to work for Veltri Trucking now and in the future.
Driver Jobs at Veltri Trucking

Are you ready to work for a trucking company that will offer you the best pay and benefits that you deserve? We want to make it easy for you to choose our trucking company for your truck driving career. Check out our driver packages and eligibility requirements. Then take that next step and contact our office to apply for a job and become a VeltriĀ driver.

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