Tips for Safe Summer Trucking

With the weather changing from snowy to warm, new challenges present themselves to truck drivers. There is more traffic on the road with people being on vacation, there is a higher chance of severe rainstorms, and the cab of your truck will heat up considerably when you are not in it, among other things. Just like you need to get prepped for winter driving and all of its unique challenges, you also need to get ready to drive in the summer so you can be safe on the road. Here are some of the things you should be doing to ensure safe summer trucking.

1. Prepare for Storms

Summer storms can appear out of nowhere in some parts of the country, and they can be violent. Sometimes it’s hard to see where you’re going, or even what is directly in front of you. They are sometimes accompanied by dangerous lightning, strong winds, hail, tornadoes, and sometimes even flooding. The sun may be completely gone or shining brightly during these storms.

Keep your radio on to a weather station at all times so you know if a bad storm or tornado is coming your way. This may give you time to get off the road and ride it out safely, or take a different route and avoid it altogether. Make sure you have tires with good air pressure and excellent treads on them so you won’t skid on slick roads. Get new windshield wipers if yours are getting old, because you want them to do their job correctly and well. Treating your windshield with commercial water repellent will also enhance your safety on the road, as it will keep rain droplets from building up on your windshield between wipes with the wipers.

2. Watch Out for Work Zones

Summer is construction season all across the country. Chances are, you will run into many different construction zones on your travels. When the snow is gone, it is the perfect time for cities, counties, and the federal government to repair the roads of the nation. Unfortunately, these road workers work in dangerous conditions. It’s not uncommon for them to get hit by cars or trucks. Sometimes it is because of their error, but more often than not, it is due to the driver. Don’t be that driver. Pay attention to posted speed limits for construction zones and follow them, and always keep your eyes out for road workers who may be in your path or close to it.

3. Be Aware of Other Cars on the Road

While you should always do this regardless of the season, there are an increased number of cars on the roads during the summer because of people going on vacations. Whether you are on the highway or on roads in a city or town, keep your eye out for other cars that may be driving in an unsafe manner around your truck. Then, hang back or pull forward to stay away from these cars, so you are less likely to be involved in an accident. Pay extra special attention to pedestrians in cities and towns, too, as many of them may be visitors and unfamiliar with the area, causing them to not look where they are going. You need to look out for them to keep them safe.

4. Keep Your Cab Cool When You’re Not in It

It can get really hot in a truck cab in the summer. Don’t leave anything that may melt in the heat in it if you leave it for a while during your workday. Keep the cab as cool as possible by putting up a sun shield on the windshield and adding a steering wheel cover to keep from burning your hands when you touch it when you get back in the cab.

Veltri, Inc. dedicated trucking services offers driver safety training to all of its drivers. This includes teaching how to drive safely in any season and any weather. You can always be sure your will get there safely, along with your cargo, when you drive with Veltri, Inc.

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