The Key Advantages of Dedicated Contract Trucking Fleets

Are Dedicated Trucking Jobs for You?When it comes to making decisions for your business, it’s always important to weigh the costs and benefits. For a business owner who runs a trucking company, there will be an opportunity to choose between a private fleet and a contract fleet service. Sure, a private fleet will allow more control for the business owner, but it also means the owner incurs the overhead costs of the operation. It’s important to select a partner that can supply you with the best of both worlds — the customization of a private fleet with the low costs of a dedicated contract fleet service.

Disadvantages of a Private Trucking Fleet 

In addition to overhead costs, several other disadvantages of opting for a private trucking fleet include:

  • Liability for accidents
  • Empty backhaul
  • Increased paperwork and administrative costs
  • Capital requirements
  • Liability for cargo damage and theft

The Benefits of Choosing Veltri, Inc. for Dedicated Trucking

Veltri, Inc. is one of the best regional trucking companies delivering results in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. For nearly 40 years, companies have outsourced their regional trucking operations to Veltri, Inc. Our team provides dedicated contract services that are customized for each customer, but always includes guaranteed capacity, exceptional on-time performance and on-going analysis designed to generate further savings. Our dedicated trucking services enable you to focus on your core business, not on the risks of owning a private fleet.

Veltri, Inc. provides the following trucking services:

  • Local and Regional Trucking Services. We’ll transport full truck loads locally (within a 150-mile radius), or regionally (within a 250-mile radius).
  • Dedicated Trucking. Whether you need a one-time delivery or scheduled, on-going service, your load will not be combined with the loads of other clients, so its transport will not be interrupted by other stops along the way
  • Competitive Pricing. Because Veltri is not a national company paying overhead costs related to marketing or advertising, nor is it paying dividends to shareholders, we can pass those savings along to our customers
  • Management of All Aspects of Hauling. From our experienced drivers and 24-hour dispatch to our safety standards, you can be sure that your load will be delivered in a safe, secure and timely manner
  • In-House Maintenance: Our experienced and knowledgeable mechanics provide regular maintenance on our fleet. Our mechanics receive on-going training and maintain constant communication with our management

By outsourcing your regional trucking services you eliminate overhead. You can also reduce your costs in payroll taxes, insurance, and the purchase or maintenance of vehicles and equipment.

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Veltri’s experienced drivers understand that arriving on time is an NOT option – it’s a promise. By using Veltri as your regional trucking resource your business will have access to our twenty-four hour dispatch and our GPP equipped vehicles.

In addition to meeting strict criteria in terms of driving experience, driving records and extensive background checks, our drivers are familiar with the Northeast region and traffic patterns. We pride ourselves in driver retention. The average Veltri, Inc. driver has been with the company for six years. Our employees must have at least two years of previous driving experience and clean records. Our interview process is extensive. Veltri’s reputation enables us to choose the best drivers.

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Request a quote today! We can provide a proposal for dedicated service in just two days. If you contact us during business hours, we can provide a proposal in two hours for a single pick-up and delivery.


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