Technology & Trucking Part Two – Improved Information Exchange & Effective Business Growth

Technology is becoming an integral part of every industry, including transportation. In our last blog we covered how technology for trucking companies can improve relations with employees and enhance day-to-day operations. Today we are discussing how those same technologies can improve information exchange with customers, which is vital for brand management, and how they can grow your operations in the future.

2. Not Just About Delivery, Information Exchange with Customers Is Vital  

In times past, as long as your freight arrived on time and in good condition you could be a successful freight company. These days with the advance of digital communication and tracking, any reputable trucking company needs to be able to tell their customer instantly when their freight was picked up, where it is in transit, and when it has been delivered.

The last is piece is especially important for any customer’s billing cycle. Today, information exchange with and for customers is every bit as important as delivery of freight. Where the focus used to be solely on the safe complete delivery of an order, now trucking companies have to be able to tell a customer within minutes where their freight is in transit. Utilizing newer software systems improves accuracy of tracking and improves communication options between driver and management as well as between the team and the client.

3. Plan for the Future – Technology Increases Business Capacities

Tracking maintenance for equipment, having correct inventory sheets, accurate fuel projections with improved overall operations budgets, and happier employees all create a stable trucking business with room for growth. Software technology can help grow a trucking business through:

  • Accurate tracking of freight shipments that show where trucks have increased capacities for additional freight, allowing for planning and growth of operations in the future.
  • Allowing management to identify areas of operation that have the opportunity to bring in more business and how they make solid business decisions based on measurable trends and analysis of actual data.

Project planning and business growth are made easier with new software as all relevant data is kept in one place and accessible to everyone involved in making decisions for the future. By laying out data in easy to understand, paperless charts, companies can track how their decisions are affecting operations in real time. Continued growth alongside client and driver satisfaction are the goals for any successful trucking company and implementing fleet software management systems only makes these goals more accessible.

Veltri is committed to using the finest technology and operations to provide the best service to our customers and conditions to our drivers.We look forward to sharing our growth and how Veltri continues to thrive in the future. To learn more about our services or if you want to drive for Veltri, contact us today.

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