Technology & Trucking – How Software Changes Can Improve Operations Part One

Advancements in technology and software solutions have revolutionized business practices for virtually every industry, and transportation is no exception. As cloud-based software becomes more affordable and versatile, even smaller or midsize trucking firms are able to incorporate new technology into their daily operations, creating quantifiable benefits for their management, drivers, and customers.

New technology can help trucking industries improve operations, communications, and set an effective plan for continued growth. Cloud-based software enables trucking firms to:

  • go paperless
  • create greater efficiencies
  • and increase capacities for business.  

Offering single sign-ons for security and ease, notifications of deadlines, project planning, inventory tracking, and more, there are many ways that implementing new software solutions can help trucking companies create better relations with employees and clients. We are looking at the three main ways transportation businesses benefit from utilizing the latest technologies available.

  1. Operations Improve for Management & Drivers

We pride ourselves on driver retention and satisfaction. Veltri drivers not only have the luxury of being home every night with their family, we are also committed to giving them the highest quality equipment and opportunities to have their voices heard within the company.

Improved Communications

Software fleet management and cloud-based software solutions not only improve driver communications through digital portals, drivers also have better visibility and transparency in regards to their scheduling and communication with management. New software can even offer objective information to help drivers improve their safety and skills on the road by measuring speed, fuel efficiency and real time GPS and route changes.

Operations Improvements

With implementations of new technology, operations and management also have the ability to:

  • Increase efficiency and transparency throughout the company, not only reaping the organizational benefits of going paperless but also helping the environment.
  • Shift business systems from handwritten or typed spreadsheets to all electronic communication, improving scheduling, fleet maintenance, route planning, and load optimization.
  • Eliminate the need for tedious data entry through software solutions, often thereby reducing the chance of error and allowing for all relevant data to be available wherever the internet can be accessed.
  • Managers and business leaders then have more time to improve operations, resolve outstanding HR issues, and create real time budgets from accurate fuel logs and readings. Having accurate electronically recorded fuel costs, both projected and actual, also reduces the chance of fraud as receipts are better kept track of and fuel projections become easier to include into the quarterly or yearly budget.

We understand our drivers are the cornerstone of our company and they should have access to the best technology to help them do their jobs. Veltri is committed to open communication with our drivers, utilizing the safest and most effective equipment, as well as offering a competitive compensation and health package. Staying up to date with software that can improve the lives of our management team and drivers is only one way Veltri is committed to excellence. To learn more about driving for Veltri, contact us today. Stay tuned for Part two of our technology series where we look at how information exchange with customers and overall business capacities can be improved with technology as well.

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