Veltri Dedicated Transportation Solution: Superior Equipment + Reliable Drivers


There’s always a lot at stake in the trucking industry. We never forget that for each truck on the road, there are dozens or hundreds of people who expect their freight delivered ASAP, with the goods in flawless condition. Each tractor and every trailer better be up for the job at hand, especially in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

At Veltri, we field some of the finest mechanization in the industry. Nearly all of our steel is less than two years old, and our in-house maintenance program fields a comprehensive and diligent philosophy. Our older trucks are limited to short routes, because we are ALWAYS prepared for the long haul.

We like to choose from a variety of tractors and trailers. Our 75 tractors are built by either Mack Trucks or Volvo Automotive. In the United States, Mack builds the workhorse of the trucking industry. It’s no coincidence that thousands of Mack trucks are moving along the nation’s highways and interstates at any given time, seven days a week. Mack’s unflinching machines are built to chase the horizon. On the other hand, the automotive engineers at Volvo have designed trucks that can be found moving freight all across the world. Volvo’s unique perspective on diversity has laid the foundation for an expansion of knowledge and skill in the arts of truck design. Thus our Volvo tractors are capable of trucking through whatever they may come across along the road.

You can’t have a truck without a trailer, and so we called upon Great Dane and Vanco. These companies are the finest in the industry, because they’ve simply learned to look for Quality in trailer design. Their innovations have brought the industry forward through these past decades, and their reliability has been something of a subtle instrument in the mechanical orchestra behind the convenience of modern life.

The silver lining in our superior equipment lies in the mapping and tracking capabilities which we endow upon our reliable drivers. Every Veltri driver carries a Nextel phone equipped with GPS, so as to put the “capable” in “capability”. Plus, with satellite tracking gear in each trailer, we never lose track of a truck for even half a second.

There’s no trustworthy trucking company that chooses to field untrustworthy equipment. We take time with our equipment at Veltri because we’d like to earn your trust. Give us a shot, and we’ll never let you down.

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