Simple Stress Relief Strategies for Truck Drivers

Even though our dedicated and professional Veltri truck drivers enjoy the relaxed comfort of their own homes at the end of a long workday, being a commercial truck driver is definitely not a stress-free occupation.

Serving a region that contains some of the “snowiest cities in the United States” brings numerous weather-related challenges. Add to that the unavoidable shipping delays, traffic accidents, and sometimes-strained relationships with dispatchers due to communication difficulties.

Stress in small doses can make your more alert, motivated, and energized. Long-term, chronic stress can make you very anxious, irritable, depressed, and ill. Implement a few of these stress-reducing strategies next time you feel yourself sliding into territory you don’t want to travel in.

Laugh it up.

When you’re stuck in traffic or facing a delay out of your control, pop in a CD of one of your favorite comedians or pull out a joke book. Cracking a smile and chuckling out loud can instantly lower stress and elevate your mood.

Nourish your body.

Healthy eating habits are crucial for truck drivers who need to be mentally sharp and alert for hours at a time. Choose nutrient-packed foods that build up your health. Put the main emphasis on leafy green and cruciferous vegetables, fresh fruit, and lean proteins such as poultry and fish. Forego the heart-harming trans and saturated fats and hydrogenated oils found in burgers and fries. Instead, keep a stash of heart-healthy raw nuts in your cab for energy-enhancing snacks.

Get your Zzzs.

You can’t stay awake and alert if you’re sleep-deprived, a major cause of trucking accidents. Even just one night of insufficient sleep sets off a chain of physical and mental consequences and harms your immune system. Practice good sleep hygiene at home to ensure you log from 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night so you wake up refreshed and restored.

Make time for exercise.

Even though your spare time may be limited, strive to exercise at least 30 minutes each day. This can be as simple as a brisk walk around a parking lot or truck stop. Split it up into two 15 minutes segments and you still benefit. Your job requires a lot of sitting, and that’s a proven risk factor for an early death. Try to get out of the truck and stretch your legs for 5 minutes as often as possible so you can keep doing the job you love for as long as possible.

At Veltri, our reputation allows us to choose only the best drivers. We understand and appreciate that as part of our operations team the drivers have the hardest job in our company. We value our drivers and it shows every day!

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