The Best Kept Secret to Keeping Your Company Drivers Happy

Driver retention is a constant battle for trucking companies. Truckers come and go from carrier after carrier, and this is a drain for company budgets and driver morale. What can you do as a trucking employer to reduce driver turnover? Start by ensuring your truck drivers are happy. Although these logistical conditions don’t necessarily apply…
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Snow Belt Driving Policy

How to Build a Comprehensive Snow Belt Policy for Dedicated Trucking in the Northeast

When the winter months roll in, bad weather can very quickly make dedicated trucking stop in its tracks. How do you keep drivers and key personnel rolling without creating unnecessary expenses that weigh down your overhead? This is the time to create a comprehensive snow belt policy that helps keep trucks, people and cargo moving…
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Sleep Apnea and Commercial Drivers: A Deadly Combination

Sleep Apnea and Commercial Drivers: A Deadly Combination By: Zehl and Associates for Veltri Trucking There’s no question that driver fatigue poses a serious threat to safety on our nation’s roadways. But just how bad is the threat? Well, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the number of fatigue-related crashes reported to…
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Veltri Selected as 2016 Philadelphia Family Business Honoree

  Veltri, Inc. is proud to announce it has been selected by SmartCEO as its 2016 Philadelphia Family Business Honoree. SmartCEO celebrates entrepreneurship, as well as the achievements of independently owned businesses in the region. Awards recognition is part of the way SmartCEO lives up to its mission statement. Being recognized with an award from…
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New Truck Drivers In It For the Long Haul

Trucking used to be a thriving industry that had no problem attracting employees. This is no longer true for most trucking companies. Today’s trucking companies have much more demand to transport goods placed on them than in the past, so their need for truckers has increased. At the same time, the median annual pay has…
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Veltri Reports on the Benefits of Using GPS Tracking for Fleet Management

More dedicated trucking companies are using GPS tracking for their fleet management than ever before, and the trend continues to be popular. But, are these businesses seeing any benefits from using GPS tracking in their fleet management? Is there a return on investment that makes the GPS tracking worthwhile? Veltri, Inc. dedicated trucking services recently…
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