New Truck Drivers In It For the Long Haul

Experienced Drivers Pick Veltri, Inc.

Trucking used to be a thriving industry that had no problem attracting employees. This is no longer true for most trucking companies. Today’s trucking companies have much more demand to transport goods placed on them than in the past, so their need for truckers has increased. At the same time, the median annual pay has gone down to slightly under $40,000 for truckers. Long-haul truckers make a little bit more, but the long hours and time away from family end up making it not worth it to many of them, too. Most truckers leave the industry quickly, because they realize they could make equal or better money at a local job that doesn’t take them away from their wife and kids. Because of these factors, the trucking industry is experiencing a shortage of truckers. The ones they do get don’t stay long. What today’s trucking companies’ need are truckers who are in it for the long haul with their company.

Experienced Drivers Find Jobs

Experienced truckers can literally write their own ticket to the job of their dreams in the trucking industry. Once someone has been through truck driving training and has proven themselves to be a safe and reliable driver, they don’t have to stay with a company that doesn’t give them the things they desire. They can leave one company and have a job at a different company the same day. The competition for good truckers is that high in the industry. No trucker who stays in the industry has to be concerned about locating a job. The issue in the industry is that most trucking companies just aren’t keeping up with what truckers are demanding to stay in the industry, and the industry is suffering from a shortage of drivers as a result.

Companies Work to Recruit and Retain Qualified Drivers

Companies in the industry know this, and they are taking steps toward making improvements. They need drivers and they want to be competitive employers. Trucking companies are trying to make things better for their truckers. They are offering measures to create a better work/life balance for their on-the-road employees. At the same time, new safety regulations in the transportation industry are going into effect that will slow down the truckers they do have on their pay rolls, and affect the number of hours those truckers can work, causing them to need to hire even more truckers. It’s difficult to find them, so trucking companies will need to offer enticing incentives to get and keep people on board behind their wheels.

As trucking companies work to re-balance the relationship with drivers, they face new safety regulations in the next couple of years that will likely slow trucks down and cut the number of hours drivers can work — which means trucking companies will need to hire still more of them.

Experienced Drivers Pick Veltri

The good news is that those looking into the trucking industry and all the flexibility and autonomy it offers can turn to Veltri, Inc. Veltri is a company that offers dedicated trucking services, and has excellent perks for drivers. Veltri is known for its fair treatment of its drivers, and offers a benefits package that goes above and beyond the standard for the industry, including an excellent 401K and quality health insurance. The pay is higher than the industry average, as well. As far as work/life balance goes, Veltri knows that is a crucial aspect of the job for truckers. That is why it is a regional trucking company, which allows its drivers to be home with their families every day.

Veltri, Inc. knows experienced truckers are in demand and can go anywhere they like if they choose to stay in the trucking industry. Experienced, quality truckers know Veltri will give them the things they want that other companies won’t. There may be a shortage of truckers in the industry in general, but at Veltri, Inc., truckers are in it for the long haul.

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