How Do Truckers Decide Where to Work?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the trucking profession remains a career in high demand. This is largely because the industry is composed of aging professionals today, and as this generation of drivers exits the workforce, new drivers will have to assume the mantle if goods are going to continue to be delivered from Point A to Point B in a timely manner. After all, truckers are literally responsible for keeping America’s economy on track and driving it forward.
But it’s worth noting that trucking is as much of a lifestyle choice as it is a professional career. And being that there are plenty of job openings in trucking, drivers typically have a choice of what company they want to drive for. So what are some of the factors that help determine where drivers want to work? Let’s take a look.

Large National Trucking Versus Smaller Regional Companies

There are large, national trucking companies and there are smaller, regional trucking companies. While the larger companies tend to be more well-known, reputable and stable, drivers are also more of just a number within these organizations. In smaller, more regional dedicated trucking companies, drivers are often recognized by name and on a more personalized basis. There’s really no right or wrong answer to choosing to work for a large trucking company or a small one, but rather pros and cons that come with each type of organization. It’s important for drivers to weigh these pros and cons to determine what type of company best suits them.

Continuous Improvement Opportunities

At a larger company with more turnover, leadership may be less inclined to invest in the continuous improvement of its drivers compared to a smaller firm that wants its professionals to hire in, develop and stay long term. Drivers often look for these career development opportunities when deciding where to work, as every professional in any industry should always have a desire to grow, build on their experience and have the potential to earn more as they progress and gain experience.

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Driving Variety

Driving variety tends to be a big factor in deciding where to work. The more variety that a trucking company can offer to its drivers, the more attractive the position. Being that truck driving can be a grueling profession, the ability to change gears from time to time to try new routes and new types of driving (i.e., regional versus long-haul) can serve as an ideal way to keep drivers reenergized.

Time at Home

Like we said in the opening, truck driving is as much of a profession as it is a lifestyle. And while some drivers might welcome time spent away from home and an opportunity to drive across the country, other drivers have families that they want to spend as much time as possible with. Hence, time at home becomes a big deciding factor for where drivers prefer to work and can often make regional driving jobs more attractive based on the opportunity to return home each night. Even some long-haul trucking positions ensure drivers are able to spend their weekends at home.

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