Equality in the Workforce – Women in the Trucking Industry

While this number continues to rise in our industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, currently only 6.2 percent of truck drivers in the workforce are female. Long hours, travelling far from home, and safety concerns all present a challenge to women in the trucking industry. As this number continues to increase and organizations like the non-profit organization Women in Trucking Association continue to work for equality, more employment opportunities are presented to women. One crucial benefit for women who are thinking of driving or who are already employed by a trucking company is fair pay. According to the Ellen Voie, founder of  Women in Trucking Association, “Women and men are paid the same as drivers…A carrier sets the pay based on mileage, hours or percentage of the load. It is not related to age, ethnicity or gender.” The mean wage for a commercial driver is $42,500 (WITA) and women have more opportunity for advancement into management positions within the trucking industry than others.

It’s true that in this day and age driver retention is a struggle for trucking companies, and female truck drivers face challenges male drivers may not. Skepticism or harassment from male workers, an issue in any male dominated industry, as well as safety issues when long haul drivers are forced to choose truck stops or rest areas that can have drugs or prostitution in the area are on the list of concerns. Still, the benefits of fair salary, health insurance, 401k, and steady income far outweigh the negatives. There are also cases where grants and scholarships even cover the cost of school tuition for drivers, an education that can cost anywhere from three to seven thousand dollars.

Veltri realizes how important truck drivers are to the industry – without them fleets could not move, and we value our employees that allow us to run a successful growing business. We pride ourselves in driver retention as well as equality in the workforce. We recognize the value that women bring to our organization and to the industry. The average Veltri driver has been with us for at least 6 years and we require our employees to have at least 2 years of previous driving experience and clean records upon their hire. Veltri’s reputation enables us to choose the best drivers, both men and women. Our fair treatment and respect for our employees enables us to retain them for NJ trucking, PA trucking, and DE trucking. The drivers we hire are seasoned and need minimal training. However, our drivers meet quarterly for safety training.

Veltri drivers know that management is accessible and receptive to their concerns and we are proud to offer equal opportunities for management and growth to both male and female employees. Employee feedback is encouraged and valued as our drivers are on the front lines and can give us valuable insight to improve our operations.

Our compensation and benefit package are also above the standard. Employees receive a strong base pay, enjoy a generous 401K and a quality health care plan. Since we are local and regional, all our drivers spend their downtime at their own homes reducing the issue of safety concerns for long haul drivers and allowing our employees to focus on family and work life balance. You can learn more about becoming a driver with Veltri here, and we look forward to discussing the future with you.


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