The “Trek” Stops Here!

Veltri-300x225Could there possibly be more important (non – human) cargo than the United States Mail? The timeless images; the scores of unified men and women bearing the bulk of heavy bags, pepper spray, enduring the weather conditions, animal threats, and traffic delays with one purpose in mind – get the job done! No wonder they call on dedicated contract carriers to help the great cause!

Nowhere is this job more difficult than in the NJ, DE, PA, and NY regional markets with such population density- where these regional dedicated carriers have earned their reputations one mile at a time. When you’re in the logistics business, the only person who can say you’re a good company is the customer based on your performance. There isn’t time for anything but your best, and, there certainly isn’t time to waste. There is a reason dedicated contract carriers continue to grow as they have helped companies seeking a logistical solution to their transportation demands by creating a “partnership” with them: setting their sights on the job at hand and becoming an actual “extension” of the existing operations. When it comes to the bottom line, when it’s absolutely has to be there, regional dedicated contract carriers will service your transportation needs even when the market capacity dwindles. Your “trek” to secure a trustworthy relationship with an established and seasoned veteran in the trucking business stops here.

With a proven track record, Veltri Inc. welcomes and services new and long – standing clients alike in virtually every aspect of business. Included in the mix of successful logistical ventures is the Regional Trucking division whose clients have come to comfortably rely on the quality service and timely deliveries they promise. But these services are just the beginning. As one of their customers you can always count on 24 hour dispatch and GPS equipped vehicles along with cost effective service. Getting the most value for your money is as important as delivery schedules and reliable drivers. Rates are formulated to help you achieve maximum results and less overhead, payroll taxes, company insurance and automotive related expenses such as vehicles, fuel, drivers, equipment, parts and service.

And speaking about drivers, how proud we are of the quality and reputations our drivers maintain. In meeting our criteria for qualified and experienced drivers with exemplary driving records they also submit to thorough investigative background procedures and reference checks.

At the end of the day logistics must be logical. It may even require changing the way you’ve always taken care of your trucking needs. It may be the reason you’re reading this article right now. Timely and successful moves usually take months or years to realize – constantly measuring the fluctuating net profits or “bottom line” in your company. Fortunately, thanks to extensive research, dedicated employees and focused ownership, many of these calculations have been done for you. Mostly, people just don’t know that the actual expenses of maintaining private trucking fleets versus dedicated models. In addition, because it’s the “traditional way of doing business” a company has never investigated the affordability of a Dedicated Contract Carrier.

We know the questions. We have the answers – and we’ll get them to you on time. Let Veltri’s Dedicated Regional Trucking Solutions help you keep your trek for logistics “on track.”

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