Choose the Best Diesel Fuel Additive for Winter

Refueling the 1000 liter gas tank of big truck.Most U.S. drivers engage in various practices when preparing their vehicles for winter, ranging from acquiring snow tires and ice scrapers to mounting winter wiper blades. Improving the vehicle’s engine performance is another critical aspect that begins with choosing the right fuel additive. Here, the intent is to navigate icy roads effortlessly while battling the falling snow. And of course, this especially important for truck drivers.

However, most drivers find it intricate to get the perfect fuel additive for their vehicles to keep fuel functional throughout winter. To ease the hassle, here are the four best diesel fuel additives for winter:

Opti-Lube Winter Anti-Gel

Opti-Lube Winter Anti-Gel - a best diesel fuel additive for winterOpti-Lube Diesel Fuel Additives are best for protecting equipment by delivering incomparable lubrication to the fuel system. Each product accompanies a specific focus, offering more benefits with anti-gel as its primary focus. This additive protects during freezing temperatures of up to -40 °F, making it one of the best fuel additives for winter use. In addition, the Opti-Lube Winter Anti-Gel formula does not contain harmful chemicals, unlike standard fuel additives.

Pros of Opti-Lube Winter Anti-Gel additive

  • Improved fuel economy
  • Improved lubricity, reducing fuel system wear
  • Increase cetane boost by 3 points
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Minimizes deposits and emissions
  • Compatible with different vehicle emissions systems
  • Cleans injectors
  • Increases engine power
  • Improved storage stability

REV X Distance + Winter Diesel Fuel Treatment

Rev X Distance a best diesel fuel additive for winterThis all-in-one diesel fuel treatment prevents diesel from gelling to -25 °F. Distance + Winter Diesel Fuel Treatment is among the top diesel fuel additives ideal for the coldest regions, boosting ULSD winter fuel properties. During winter, diesel often loses various properties, which reduces engine performance as well as generation of deposits.

The additive replenishes and replaces these properties during the ultra-deep desulfurization process in ULSD fuels. It also helps restore vehicle performance and fuel economy, enabling drivers to save money when cruising during winter.

Pros of Distance + Winter Diesel Fuel Treatment

  • Prevents gelling
  • Increased engine performance
  • Maximizes cetane boost by 12 points
  • Ideal for the coldest regions
  • Improved storage stability
  • Replenishes and replaces lost fuel properties during the ultra-deep desulfurization process
  • Keeps the fuel system clean
  • Prevents carbon deposits
  • Improved lubricity
  • Protect injector and fuel system components

Total Power TPx Synthetic Fuel Additive

TPx - A best diesel fuel additive for winterTotal Power TPx Synthetic Fuel Additive is a synthetic, all-in-one winter fuel additive, ideal for cars, RVs, lawn equipment, boats, and trucks. The additive works on both gasoline and diesel, providing the utmost protection of fuel system components. A 16 oz. bottle of TPx treats up to 250 gallons of fuel, where it stabilizes the fuel and cleans the whole fuel system from the tank to the exhaust.

Pros of Total Power TPx Synthetic Fuel Additive

  • Reduces soot and emissions
  • Improves performance
  • Clean the injector and the entire fuel system
  • Adds lubricity
  • Prevents sludge and gelling
  • Boost performance and efficiency

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Schaeffer Neutra Fuel Stabilizer

The Neutra Fuel Stabilizer works in gasoline, ethanol, and diesel engines, offering exceptional fuel stability for several years. Although it costs more than others on the list, Neutra works by depressing the freezing point of water, making it a good choice for winterizing vehicles. The additive combines treatment and stabilizer agents that improve fuel efficiency, clean injector, and carburetor, preventing deposits.

Pros of Schaeffer Neutra Fuel Stabilizer

  • Optimized performance and fuel economy up to 5%
  • Reduces the freezing point of water present in the fuel
  • Increases fuel stability
  • Protects and cleans the injector, carburetor, and other fuel system components
  • Reduces emissions, particulates, and exhaust smoke

Bottom Line

As winter arrives, it is essential to have a suitable fuel additive that enhances fuel performance and stabilization. This ensures your vehicle’s engine runs more efficiently, the utmost protection of the fuel system, and increased performance and efficiency. Contact us here at Veltri to learn more about our trucking solutions. 

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