Best Dedicated Truck Driving Jobs for Experienced Drivers

A truck driver behind the wheel smiling because of his dedicated truck driving jobsLoving your job as a truck driver and having experience gives you choices for your career pathway. With experience, you are indispensable. A valued truck driver deserves consistency in pay and the ability to be home with family more often. The best dedicated truck driving jobs provide a better experience for the driver.

Regional Dedicated Routes

When you ask a truck driver what they would love more than anything, the answer is some form of consistency. This includes constant pay, constant job availability, the ability to be home more often, and more consistent routes.

Being able to drive during the day and be home at night is an advantage that experienced drivers strive for. With regional dedicated routes, they can do just that while enjoying consistent routes and pay. These are the positions truck drivers seek.

Choice of Routes

Experienced truck drivers have the opportunity to choose their routes within Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Delaware metro and rural areas. This choice ultimately leads to the best possible routes for each individual truck driver. Experienced truck drivers have earned this preferential treatment.

More Time at Home

Experienced drivers are shifting their focus as the years have passed and priorities have changed. A dedicated route provides more time at home to enjoy family functions and everyday routines. Even though routes can vary, they increase the time spent at home.
Drivers no longer need to worry about driving hours, rest stops, and sleeping in their trucks. With a dedicated route, they will be able to know exactly where they should be and when. Following the same route becomes a breeze because of the familiarity with the roads and with the individuals at each stop.

Fewer Locations, Fewer Stops

The main benefit of becoming a dedicated route truck driver is less frequent changes. Fewer drop-off locations mean fewer people unloading your truck. Routes that are routine become easier to follow and require fewer stops.
Long hauls require showering in gas stations, the use of rest stops, and checking your rig into a place to park to get some rest. A dedicated route reduces irregular routes, unknown out-of-the-way stops, unpredictable times, and inconsistent pay.

Benefits of Working for Veltri

As an experienced employer of dedicated truck drivers, Veltri prides itself in its percent of retention. With a required two-year minimum of experience, most of the currently employed drivers have an average of six years with the company.
Following the interview process, we choose the best drivers to help us serve our customers in Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware. Skilled, professional drivers need a shorter period of training to get them on the road and be more productive than inexperienced drivers. Safety meetings are held quarterly to ensure drivers know the newest regulations.

With a standard compensation and benefits package that includes strong base pay, truck drivers are adequately compensated. Once hired, they can enjoy a generous 401k package and a quality healthcare plan in addition to their increased time at home.

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About Veltri

As a family-owned and operated business for over two generations, Veltri knows the value of being able to enjoy the benefits being around family can provide. With an open-door policy for any needs and an excellent benefits package, experienced drivers can plan their future, with nightly ventures with family in mind.

Driver Qualifications

A minimum of two years’ experience coupled with being at least 23 years old ensures our CDL class A candidates are able to meet DOT requirements with ease. Applicants must pass the company physical, drug, and, background screens, be able to read, write, and speak English, and be able to obtain a postal ID badge.

Ready to Apply?

Veltri is hiring drivers for dedicated truck driving jobs. We proudly serve Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Delaware areas. Apply to become a Veltri driver now!

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