3 Things to Consider when Hiring a Dedicated Trucking Company

Avoiding capacity issues and the driver shortage are two compelling reasons to hire a dedicated trucking company. Even more compelling is reliability, cost-control and not having to worry about maintaining a fleet and its logistics. If you already have your own fleet, but need to move specialized freight predictably and economically, dedicated transportation may be key to opening up capacity and better serving your customers.

On-time delivery, local drivers, cost stability, and guaranteed capacity are all reasons to consider hiring a dedicated trucking company.

Consistency and Punctuality

There’s no doubt that capacity and driver shortages have wreaked havoc with the freight shipping industry. Waiting for drayage can cause unnecessary shipping delays. When you hire a dedicated trucking company to service your regular routes, you improve the reliability of your cargo to your customers. This means consistent on-time shipments, better planning, and less freight damage.

Your Freight and Only your Freight

There’s no other freight but yours on the trucks when you use dedicated transportation. Your driver picks up your cargo and only your cargo. There are no extra stops on the way and you won’t share freight space with another company.

Spot-on Rush Shipments

Do you need a rush shipment? Since a dedicated trucking company assigns drivers and trucks specifically to your company, they are always available when you need them. This is especially important when your company operates in the spot market. You have to rely on the fact that there will be available drivers to be there to carry those last-minute loads. Dedicated transportation makes that happen cost-effectively and you don’t have to worry about timing your truckload.

At Veltri, our drivers are committed to just a few routes. Dedicated drivers get to know the people on the route, both inbound and outbound, and work to ensure that your precise delivery windows are maintained. A dedicated route allows you to send and receive high volumes of shipments without worrying about timing and exorbitant cost structures.

Rate Stability Opens Doors

Shipping rates can fluctuate, often wildly, with supply and demand. Instead of being at the mercy of the market, you can gain pricing stability by hiring a dedicated trucking company to service your regular facilities and lanes. Using a common carrier can be unreliable, often there are minimum shipping charges, and you may be sharing your load with freight they picked up on the west coast–and your driver will be a stranger who doesn’t know your lanes.

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Use Your Budget Savings Elsewhere

Locking in rates and capacity better gives your company full supply chain visibility and unifies communication among all involved parties. Those financial resources that you would use to maintain trucks and to hire drivers can be allocated to other departments like manufacturing, giving you more operational control over your business.

Outsourcing Logistics Makes Sense

Whether you need one-time dedicated transportation or an ongoing logistical solution, Veltri will partner with you to manage both local and regional shipments. Our drivers know the areas we serve because they are from here and know that they’ll be home each day. That incentive is beneficial to both of you financially and operationally.

Dedication Is Value

Here at Veltri, we will listen to your needs, learn about your routes and delivery requirements to erase inefficiencies so that you can optimize your freight schedules and free up your capacity. Value and peace of mind don’t have to come at market prices. See how Veltri can help! 

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