4 Insider Tips to Keep Your Drivers

What is the best way to retain truck drivers in the our industry? Its not easy to retain truck drivers in the industry today.  It’s important to know, as statistics from the American Trucking Associations (ATA) in a new report show a significant shortage in truck drivers to meet the demands companies. Driver retention is a constant…
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Technology and Trucking – Are Wounded Warriors the Drivers of the Future?

Technological advancements continue to shift the landscape of what is possible for the trucking industry, opening our minds to new opportunities, connections and ways of doing business. While to requires us to continue to adapt and learn new skills, the benefits of technology for our companies and our employees are worth staying ahead of the…
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Technology & Trucking Part Two – Improved Information Exchange & Effective Business Growth

Technology is becoming an integral part of every industry, including transportation. In our last blog we covered how technology for trucking companies can improve relations with employees and enhance day-to-day operations. Today we are discussing how those same technologies can improve information exchange with customers, which is vital for brand management, and how they can…
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Technology & Trucking – How Software Changes Can Improve Operations Part One

– Advancements in technology and software solutions have revolutionized business practices for virtually every industry, and transportation is no exception. As cloud-based software becomes more affordable and versatile, even smaller or midsize trucking firms are able to incorporate new technology into their daily operations, creating quantifiable benefits for their management, drivers, and customers. New technology…
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Holiday Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

The AAA predicts, “that more than one-third of Americans will travel this holiday season. The record-breaking 112.5 million travelers taking to the nation’s runways, roads and rails for the year-end holidays represents a 4.4 percent increase over last year .” This means possible delays, traffic congestion,and impaired or distracted drivers, all combined with the unpredictable…
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The 5 Keys to Reduced Stress Driving

Driving Practices
If done with the wrong mentality, operating a CVM on the public roadway can be a high stress job. Excessive stress can manifest as road rage and aggressive driving if not managed properly. As the face of our company, we always expect all our drivers to operate safely and with the highest level of professionalism.…
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