History of Veltri Inc

President of Veltri, Inc. Tony VeltriIn 1948 after serving his country in WWII, Pietro (Pete) Veltri returned to Washington, PA. He looked forward to spending time again with his family and hoped to open his own business some day. He was surprised to find that most of the paychecks he sent to help support his parents, brothers and sisters while in active duty were saved by his mother. With his talent as a tailor combined with the saved money, he started a family dry cleaning business. Pete served the community with a successful business that continues to operate today.

In the summer of 1973, the local postmaster and customer of Pete’s, suggested that the US Postal Service could use his type of customer focused service by hauling mail. A few months later, with his characteristic entrepreneurial spirit, Pete and his sons were in the trucking business. What began as two trucks operating between Wheeling, WV and Pittsburgh, PA. is now a major trucking company based in the North East and Mid Atlantic area of the US. We specialize in NJ trucking, PA trucking, and DE trucking.

In 1998, Pete passed the torch to his son and current President, Tony Veltri. Tony continues the Veltri tradition of great service. To this day, the excellent work ethic of our founder lives on in the Veltri family and Veltri Inc. When it comes to trucking, superior service is still at the heart of our company.

At Veltri, our mission is to provide superior service to our customers and a safe, fulfilling work environment for our employees while adhering to the highest safety and ecological standards in the industry.